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How to Cean Unreachable Windows?

Nov. 03, 2021

Throughout the year, dust and dirt accumulate on our windows, making them dirty and preventing natural sunlight from filtering through from the inside. Here's how to clean the outside windows you can't reach to achieve spotless and streak-free conditions on high.


Unless you are a trained window cleaner or have been successfully cleaning windows for decades, it can be difficult to clean windows spotlessly without leaving any residue behind. Also, cleaning external windows can be a challenge in itself, requiring ladders, physical strength and balance. To prevent yourself from risking your life, read on to learn about possible ways to successfully clean seemingly inaccessible windows.


In this article, we'll cover the basic methods for keeping your window panes in their ideal shine, as well as techniques to clean outside of windows from inside without hurting yourself.

Skylight Opening Pole

 Skylight Opening Pole

Common ways to clean the outside of your windows  

Clean windows make for a brighter, sunnier home, but cleaning them can be particularly tricky, frustrating and laborious if you haven't cleaned them properly. Use these common and effective techniques to prevent your outdoor windows from looking dirtier than they did before you started cleaning them.


Skylight opening pole

The window opener with extension pole is suitable for all kinds of skylights, such as Velux roof skylights, oblique, office building sun windows, etc. The skylight opening pole contains a comfortable non-slip sponge handle, which is very light and easy to operate. Using it, you can open the roof skylight simply by standing on the ground, which is very convenient and safe. The window opener hook is made of nylon to ensure strength and toughness.


2 section 2 meters extension pole with spring button lock, this is a heavy duty telescoping handle with an unfolded size of 1.2 meters. We can provide customization and hook development services. If you want to get more information about the best window cleaning tools for hard to reach windows, welcome to contact us today or request a quote.  

Skylight Opening Pole

 Skylight Opening Pole

Telescopic squeegee

Usually, people are advised not to clean out-of-reach windows themselves for safety reasons. However, if you decide to clean your windows without professional help, a telescopic squeegee is a useful tool that window cleaning companies swear by. If you are a skilled window cleaner and general DIYer, you may want to use a more advanced cleaning solution than standard cleaning rags and old newspapers. You may be wondering "What do professional window cleaners use?

If you have considered these and other questions relating to the methods used by professional cleaners to clean windows, then this is one of the various tools they use. The advantage of having one of these squeegees is that they can be extended to help you reach those high windows from the ground with ease. Therefore, instead of having to move around a ladder, you can slide this device from one area of your home to another. A telescopic squeegee should be part of a window cleaning kit suitable for flats, especially if you live above the fifth floor.   

Choosing the right weather 

Would you like to learn another tip on how to get streak-free windows? The answer may surprise you: don't wash them on a sunny day.

No matter what people think, the sun's rays will dry them out quickly before you have time to remove the cleaner. An overcast day with little chance of rain is ideal for washing windows. 

If you need to clean your external windows urgently but the weather is not in your favour, start in the shade of the house first.




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