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How to Choose a Telescopic Pole?

Mar. 12, 2021

Perhaps the most important decision as a pure water window cleaner is ensuring you get the right pole, as this will be the piece of equipment in your hands all day, every day. 

Don't be tempted to think that they all perform the same task - choosing the right pole can help you work more effectively, and improve the product you're delivering, namely, spotlessly clean windows. 

Time is money and any investment will quickly pay off if you can deliver better results in less time.

So let's get down to brass tacks, the primary differences between all poles can be boiled down to differences in the material, the clamping system, and the size either collapsed or extended.The next  telescopic pole supplier will explore these further.

Pole Materials

Hydro poles are generally made up of the following materials - each of which has its own unique advantages.


Aluminium poles are very sturdy, and extremely hard wearing, but are heavy compared with alternatives. For this reason, they lend themselves perfectly for domestic or occasional usage. Generally, they are limited to 25 or 30ft, as they become very difficult to control above this height. These are a great starting pole as the price point on these is lower than alternatives.

FiberGlass Telescopic Pole

FiberGlass Telescopic Pole

FiberGlass telescopic poles are light weight, and inexpensive, but can be flexible at full extension. Generally, these poles are limited to 20ft, as above this the flexibility makes them difficult to work with. These poles are perfect for somebody looking for an inexpensive pole, but also not wanting the weight associated with Aluminium poles. 

Hybrid or carbon fibre composite

Hybrid poles are a mixture of materials, usually 50% carbon fibre. They are designed to offer some of the benefits of a full carbon fibre pole without the added cost. Hybrid poles are stronger than fibreglass but not as strong as carbon fibre poles.

They are usually heavier than carbon fibre but lighter than fibreglass and are priced somewhere in between. Hybrids are our best selling "everyday" rod. Ideal for cleaning household properties and for spaces up to 30 feet, on top of which they become a little more flexible.

Hybrid poles offer a good balance between cost and benefit, which makes them very popular, especially for new window cleaning businesses.

Carbon fibre

Carbon fibre is the gold standard for telescopic poles and they equate to strong, rigid and lightweight parts. The average price is higher than the poles mentioned above, but once you have used a carbon fibre pole, you will be hard pressed to go back. Carbon fibre is recommended up to a maximum of 50 feet and is especially important if you use poles all day every day. 

A light and strong pole will alleviate much of the physical strain caused by using an elevated intake pole for overhead cleaning. It is not uncommon to hear veteran window cleaners suggest purchasing a carbon fibre pole from day one. 

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